Women, the underrated pearls in the world of personal protection


earls are rare, valuable, inconspicuous and yet eye-catching. The same applies to a woman in personal protection. In the predominantly male domain of protectors, women are rather rare, but extremely important. They are less conspicuous, usually adapt better, pass for a PA, girlfriend, partner or something similar. In family offices, they are often mistaken for nannies or governesses. They look at things variously, assess situations differently, judge and define dangers from a different perspective than men. In conflict situations, they have a much more de-escalating effect than men and despite everything, they are rarely found.

I ask myself - WHY?
Is it the danger, the working hours, the self-abandonment, the dependency, the gender issue, the lack of trust, the whims of the clients or just the problem with children and family?

“This is exactly what one desires, a highly bred Amazon with many different facets and the best and most understated qualities. Strong, brave, snappy and yet delicate and unobtrusive. A dream for every male protected person.”
Quote from a male person who does not want to be named.

Having a woman on the team is hugely important. Unfortunately, many male testosterone monsters see things differently. They see the woman as incapable of physical confrontations, evacuations or other extreme situations. It is very difficult for women in the industry.

When you have finally found a woman who wants to devote her life to this topic in a man's world and then educate and train this woman well, integrate her into the team, she gains the necessary experience, can travel worldwide and also proves herself in any other situation, achieves the requirements, as well as all the others in the team. - Then she marries, becomes pregnant or falls into the clutches of other clients who pay many times over. For most male clients, this is not about the person per se, but only about the fact that this is a woman. Unfortunately, I have experienced on several occasions that women are treated and paid absolutely unfairly and badly in the world of male security.

My advice to all women who want to take this path:
It's a great job and like any other job, there will be a tough fight. You are very welcome at PICTT SECURITY SOLUTIONS GmbH and many other security companies worldwide.


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