Training in the world of personal protection


nfortunately, training is criminally neglected in the world of executive protection in German companies. This so-called "unproductive time" is expensive, worthless and why should companies pay for training, fitness and the "upgrading" of their bodyguards?

Quite simply because there is nothing more useful, efficient and pragmatic than to train, educate, teach and inform the security personnel during the "rest periods" while the protectee is in a safe place.

"I don't measure success by my victories, but by the fact that I get better every year."
Tiger Woods.

If you take a look at the activities that good personal protection specialist carries out, then we can see why training is essential.

  • Escort and Security driving (possibly convoys)
  • Emergency Medicine and First Aid
  • Personal and external security (possibly close combat and possibly use of firearms)
  • Planning of routes, trips and other assignments (individual or team assignments)
  • Development of protection and security concepts, as well as risk assessments
  • Advanced knowledge of IED (construction and detection)
  • Advanced knowledge of TSCM or better listening and surveillance devices (construction and detection)
  • Awareness and sensitization of the protected person
  • Multilingual communication in all directions and all social levels
  • Good manners and a good body language
  • Coordination of tasks, teams, contributors etc.
  • Reading people, dangers and detection of threats
  • Use of modern technology, IT and other tools
  • Surveillance detection
  • Physical fitness appropriate to the situation (i.e. skills in diving, sailing, golf, running, horseback riding, skiing etc...)
  • Advanced knowledge of the activities of the client
  • General knowledge and information about the latest world events and news

This is just an excerpt from the task portfolio of a good personal protection specialist.

Unfortunately, there are also many "black sheep", dazzlers and "wanna-be bodyguards". Personal protection is a highly qualified niche in the security industry and should be treated as such. Special forces in the military train whenever they are not in the field. This should also be handled in the same way when it comes to personal protection specialists. Only those who train constantly can call up top performance immediately in an emergency.

We can help you educate or train your teams. Just get in touch with us.

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