Holistic security approach or "stupid" club bouncer


f you look at the door staff of the clubs, discotheques, bars or other establishments, you can see again and again that they are usually undertrained, rude, almost "antisocial" staff. Most bouncers in the nation (as well as in other parts of the world) are sometimes the LAST thing you want as an operator or owner, but the FIRST thing you see. They should be the face of a club or a bar, but this is where you'll find the security industry junk, the very ones responsible for the security industry's bad reputation. Pumped up testosterone monkeys with poor language skills and very little communication skills who flirt with the women and talk more nonsense than concern themselves with safety and security in and around the club.

This is often the only thing that such "security service providers" can tell you, but sometimes they also like to have a "second hand" as a opinion booster.

The holistic security approach in a club is so enormously important. If you look at how many tasks such a security guard really has, if he or she, were to do the work properly, you realize that quality, training and expertise are required here.

Here are just a few examples of the tasks and training content of a so-called bouncer with a holistic security approach:

  • Selection; this requires good knowledge of human nature, composure, very good communication skills, a high level of empathy and a self-confident appearance.
  • Dealing with difficult situations and people (basic psychological knowledge).
  • Conflict avoidance or conflict resolution (empathy and assertiveness).
  • Self-protection, self-defense and intervention or restraint techniques.
  • Firefighting and evacuation.
  • Emergency medical measures, first aid and measures in case of intoxication
    (Knowledge of typical ilegal substances in nightlife).
  • Basic knowledge of law, rights and obligations of employees and security personnel.

Why is there so little attention paid to this?

Why do we have to expose ourselves to such risks and dangers by visiting a club with poor security personnel?

Why isn't the return on investment with good, trained and qualified security staff considered here, or the damage to reputation caused by such bad "security staff"?

If you have any questions or need trained security personnel, please contact us.
We are happy to help you, because we think in terms of solutions for our customers.


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