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Welcome to PICTT Security Solutions GmbH

To successfully and sustainably survive in today's world with all its dangers and fast-growing security requirements, you need to be able to focus on your core business or/and on yourself.

At PICTT we ensure you can do so, safely and without concern.
Distractions and trivalities that hinder your business, reduce competitiveness or inflict personal restrictions, you can now confidently forget and focus on the essentials.

With years of intense experience in a special unit and in international business, private and state security, abroad assignments and security for global player companies and a wide variety of services, our networks and assignments inland and abroad, we are equipped to ensure your individual security.

On demand, we analyze your security risks and weaknesses, develop and implement plans, measures and procedures, customarily analyze and monitor them regarding compliance, performance and success. In addition we offer all the support to enable a secure, sustained environment.


The "PROTECTION" service includes armed and unarmed personal protection, as well as the associated planning and reconnaissance.


Travel security information, intelligence gathering, OSINT, risk/security assessments, social media monitoring, tactical reconnaissance, local and travel, situational awareness, camp reports, and drone operations.


In the area of "CONSULTING" our teams, consisting of specialists, create security concepts for events, travel, estates and families.


Technical Surveillance Counter Measures, or "TSCM" for short, refer to classic eavesdropping protection.


The "TRAINING" complex includes various shooting trainings and self-protection trainings with intervention/arrest and restraint techniques for security personnel, both in theory and in practice.

Our task is to recognize threat situations, to prepare individuals and companies optimally for them and to protect them effectively.

– Renee Herzfeld  |  CEO

It doesn´t matter what you have, if you can´t protect it, but therefore we are here for you.

– Thomas Geppert  |  CEO

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