What is really important for employees in personal protection?


ountless bodyguard schools in Germany and abroad offer their courses, primarily the "sexy and hard" skills are trained there.

  • Shooting in every position and with every type of weapon, preferably for days, with fully automatic assault rifles, including all imaginable accessory devices, some facilities also handle real explosives and possibly even fire an RPG.
    "Of course, all the things that are needed and used every day in personal protection."
  • Wild vehicle maneuvers and tactical high-speed convoy driving with 3 or more vehicles are taught, ramming road blocks and pushing other vehicles off the road.
    "Here again, I see the daily life of a bodyguard with his client in a small suburb of Buxtehude before my eyes."
  • Repel countless attacks with any weapon, with everything James Bond has to offer, starting with tactical pens, batons, umbrellas, going on to all kinds of knives and any other weapon.
  • Training different formations and systems with many personal protection agents in the team, up to 10 man teams
    (Kleiner Hinweis am Rande: Sie werden höchstwahrscheinlich allein arbeiten und nicht in großen Teams).
  • Last but not least, the students are taught how USBVs are structured, how to find them and sometimes even which wire we should cut
    (sorry, that's really not our job)

"Learn to walk before you start running."

What the participants unfortunately don't learn are general rules of behavior and manners, reading people, psychology, using common sense, etiquette, outfit, style, communication, standard situations, RECON, reporting, OSINT and all the other important hard and soft skills.
After more than 30 years in the profession, I can't recall any firefight with full automatic weapons, defusing IEDs or ramming other vehicles off the road. On the other hand, I can remember very well the many appointments in star restaurants (e.g. which cutlery for what, which glass for what and which plate is my bread?), the use of the simplest please, thank you and excuse me phrases in several languages and also the use of the right words at the right moment. I remember many first-aid actions and endless, communication-rich trips with the client, hours of "standing around" in front of conference rooms and many small human things that you, as a bodyguard, also do just like that.

Wenn wir nicht als „Contractor“ in Krisengebiete wollen oder die fieseste Unterwelt Größe beschützen wollen sind viele Dinge, die heute in den einschlägigen Schulen angeboten werden zu vernachlässigen
(NOT omitted, but to be postponed to a later point in time during your training). Either way, you can't become „Super James Bond Bodyguard Ninja“ werden und denken man kann es mit allen und überall aufnehmen, wenn dies auch gerne vermittelt wird, um Profit zu machen. Es ist viel wichtiger eine solide Basis zu schaffen aus Soft- und Hardskills. Sinnvolles und situationsgerechtes Wissen aufbauen, dieses Wissen anwenden und danach in Fähig- und Fertigkeiten umzusetzen, ist das Ziel einer guten Ausbildung.

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