What does my advance RECON team do 48 hours before at the destination?


he 48 hours before the client arrives are pure vacation.

Far from it, the 48 hours RECON is one of the most stressful tasks in executive protection. Not only does the executive protections specialist have a possibly long journey behind him and has to deal with a time difference, he now also has to prepare everything before the client arrives and documents it in 48 hours.

Which tasks have to be mastered, which conversations have to be held and which places have to be visited? What documentation is necessary? What numbers, data and facts do you need to research? What does the principal want to know? What information do others involved in the trip need? What are the other tasks that need to be completed and what measures still need to be taken before our VIP leaves the place again?

Here we go.
Reconnaissance begins immediately upon arrival at the destination.
From now on every detail, no matter how unimportant, is noticed, recorded and documented (the dictation function in the mobile phone is perfect for this).

Attached is an incomplete list which is intended to provide an overview of the tasks of a RECON. Which points have to be "checked" and which conversations have to be held with whom?

Locations and special features, walking times to luggage, immigration and customs, times until luggage arrives, emergency exits and escape routes, signage, entrances and exits, parking, etc.

Driving times (hotel, meetings, airport, events, shopping, sightseeing...) Special features of the routes (construction sites, tunnels, bridges, tolls, traffic jams and much more), alternative routes, safe points, choke points, hospitals, police stations, embassies and consulates, etc.

Driveway, entrances, lobby, reception, bar, location and surroundings, restaurants, business center, club level, gym & SPA, rooms, hotel security, hotel staff, other guests with security, local prostitution behavior in the hotel, hotel management, escape and rescue routes, special features, amenities, Mobile reception and WiFi, etc.

Meeting locations, sightseeing, shopping, events, restaurants, hospitals, police station, consulate or embassy, local contact, security companies, limousine services, equipment, communication options, translators, etc.

People and Country
Cultural characteristics, dos and don'ts, laws (on self-defense, emergency aid, weapons and others), police, consulates or embassies, local contacts, hospital specifics, drivers and vehicles, traffic rules, etc.

The preparation of such a RECON begins days in advance on the computer. Checklists, route planning, images, recordings and lots of other information are used to create an optimal report. This report not only serves to inform further team members, it also serves for documentation and reuse.

NO, it's not a holiday and it's not fun either. It is hard, long-lasting work under time pressure, in a foreign country, with a foreign language, under different climatic conditions and time zones. In adverse conditions, in order to achieve an optimal result for the client and to minimize the possible risks. 

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