Amusing facts from the life of a bodyguard


here are always nice little stories, anecdotes or wisdom, which I would like to share here. These encourage you to think, smile or shake your head.

It happened in Berlin in the 2000s. The dedicated bodyguard for a world star from the film industry was booked for a job at the Berlinale. Two days of protection for an Oscar winner. It was a nice change from the other assignments before. The lady was extremely friendly and gratefully accepted all recommendations. The assignment went excellently. No incidents, no stress, no disputes, no airs and graces, all in all a great job so far.

The film premiere of the evening also went great. Vehicles, drivers and timing perfect. The lady was taken to her room in the 5 star hotel and said goodbye until the next morning. The bodyguard took a deep breath and loosened his tie in front of the door. The door opened again...

"Are you married?" asked the lady...

Cold sweat on my forehead, trembling hands and a lump in my throat.
Why this question? What does the lady want? What can happen? What answer does she expect? What is implied here? What do I tell my colleagues and my friends? Do I want that? What are the qualities of Hollywood star in bed? What does her ex-husband, who is also a movie idol in Hollywood, have to say about this? What if the press gets wind of it?

„YES, I AM.“

"Wait a second." The door closed again. Infinite seconds of ignorance and curiosity. The door opened and she was holding a huge bouquet of flowers. She gave it to personal protection specialist and said: "This is for your wife, I took so much time from you and her. I am sorry."

That gesture was priceless, as were the thoughts that shot through the mind of the executive protection specialist when the question was asked.

And the moral of the story, answer honestly and don't think...

(c) GT

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