Davos and the WEF in summer?


avos and the WEF in summer? That is not possible, the WEF has been taking place in snowy Davos in January for decades. Who wants to go there in the summer? What to do in Davos in summer? What will be different, what will be the same? Is it worth going to Davos in summer and visiting the WEF with the rich and famous of this world?

The participants are wondering, the organisers, the residents of Davos, the authorities, the security companies, the airlines, the caterers, the booth builders, the restaurateurs, the shopkeepers, holiday apartment owners and even the ladies of the oldest profession in the world, not to mention all those who also participate and contribute to it.

DAVOS is the highest city in Europe, with wonderful lakes, mountains, hiking trails, a golf course in the middle of the city and a unique "Swiss flair".

Let's take a look through the security goggles.

  • Limousine traffic will decrease as it is no longer cold and not everyone (from point A to point B) has to sit in a pre-heated vehicle, thus reducing pollution.
  • Four-wheel drive vehicles are no longer required, which also reduces the level of pollution. E-vehicles could even be used due to the "mild" temperatures.
  • The number of security guards could be reduced because, due to the moderate temperature, there would not have to be as many changes of personnel there.
  • The risk of accidents caused by ice and snow would be eliminated, so there will be fewer medical treatments in the hospital.
  • The travel times from Zurich to Davos and vice versa are shorter.
  • The helicopter flight route from Zurich to Davos will have fewer weather-related cancellations.
  • Less luggage is required, no thick boots, hats, gloves and thick jackets.

All in all, it will be more relaxed, less stressful and probably more environmentally conscious. Davos for the WEF in the summer is definitely worth a trip.

We look forward to your security and driving reservation for the WEF 2022 in Davos.

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